Welcome Kennel Gold bull.

Territory of happy dogs and loving owners! Kennel Gold bull is a cattery of miniature bull terriers

About us

My name is Julia and my husband Andrey and I are the owners of our miniature bull terrier kennel and now I will tell you a little about myself and my dogs.

The history of the kennel began back in 1995 with this standard bull terrier in the photo. Her name was Tsona and she was the whole world for my husband! He was overcome by the dream of having a bull terrier. And so it happened.

It was this dog that opened for me the world of boundless devotion and unconditional love.

And since then for me the best breed is bull terriers.

There are 300 breeds of dogs and bull terrier!

All our dogs live with us, without cellular and aviary content. Minibull puppies also grow up in the house with us, accepting the rules of life in a large pack of dogs and people from birth.
Dogs live a happy, fulfilling life with a daily walk in the yard, interesting developmental training sessions, as well as behind a fence in the forest, fields and meadows. After all, a dog, like a person, needs daily emotions, information and impressions. Also, our dogs regularly travel with us to the city and constantly compete to be the first to jump into the car and drive as a navigator in the front seat)
We do our best to make their life active, fun, varied and full! After all, that’s what we made them for! In return, they give us their unconditional love and boundless devotion. Equivalent exchange))).

To get advice or buy a mini bull puppy, please contact us in a convenient way for you – phone, Whats up, Messenger Facebook or E-mail.