Miniature Bull Terriers our dogs.

Miniature Bull Terriers are also uncontrollably chatty, if such an expression can be applied to a dog at all. They communicate and express their emotions through such a wide range of throat sounds, accompanying them with unique facial expressions, that sometimes you forget that they do not speak in the human sense of the word. Or are they still talking?


They are also very tactile dogs – if the mini bull terrier can touch the owner, he will do it! Bury your muzzle on your knees, stretch out along your hips on the couch, and especially arrogant ones can fit on your chest like cats) Mini Bull Terrier’s favorite place to sleep is near the owner, preferably back to back) and it doesn’t matter that the owner is currently working at home at the computer – he will lie down at his feet , on his feet, will be hammered into the tiniest corner of the chair. The main thing is close!

All our dogs are pedigree FCI.

Our boy mini bull terrier.

brown mini bull terrier FCI

Tako Bell

Champion of Israel,



PLL, LAD clean, LP carrier

Height 38 cm, weight 20 kg


Tako is a typical, cheerful, reckless but at the same time calm mini bull terrier. This young mischievous handsome man. Likes to eat and loves ladies. He is very jealous and therefore we cannot decide on another cable. Kindness to all people without exception. He has a powerful torso and a large head.

Our girls mini bull terrier.

black mini bull terrier FCI best beeder champion of Israel


Champion of Israel, 2 J.CAC,2BJ, R.J.CAC,BestPuppy


PLL, LAD, LP clean

Height 38 cm, weight 17 kg

excellent Teeth

Fler’s main goal in life is to eat delicious food and sleep sweetly. Everything else is optional)

If you can get food somewhere, it will be done! She can’t leave anything. Nor products bought in the store. No food packed in a bag. Therefore, long walks in the forest are obligatory for her to maintain a beautiful figure)

Fleur is also unusually tender and touching in her dependence on the love of the owner)

She never mind sleeping with us in an embrace in bed and not letting anyone else go there. And at such moments, any person’s heart opens, filled with selfless minibully love!